About Alken

  • Alken Asset Management was established in 2005 out of loyal investors’ trust in Nicolas Walewski’s proven ability to consistently outperform the European Equity Market.

  • An independently owned firm, now with 26 people in total, our focus has been and will remain consistently maximising shareholders’ return. To us, every idea and every time period is a challenge and this is what keeps our team motivated and engaged towards beating consensus expectations. Each investment case is carefully researched and reviewed by our highly experienced analysis team who employ all available tools to extract as much information as possible. We believe in going beyond the boundaries; finding out as much as we can about the factors surrounding each carefully selected stock.

  • Our style is pragmatic, unconstrained and opportunistic. We acknowledge that alpha creation requires differentiating ourselves from the crowd but we remain risk aware. We manage European Equities but our approach is genuinely different.

  • Talent, in terms of portfolio construction and stock picking, is the basis for our proven results. But such talent must come accompanied by motivation, a stimulating environment and a definite thrive and appetite for success. At Alken we are strong believers in the power of humbleness which is the cornerstone for any good investor's ability to adapt; this keeps us flexible in an ever-changing environment.

  • Over time we have grown the firm and the product range to better suit our clients' needs; client satisfaction remains at the core of every step we make. We want to know you as a professional investor, understand what your needs are and be able to satisfy them.